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Nakshatra Namaha Creations has a multi-disciplined team of of web developers offering a range of website design, maintenance, security and hosting services. Web design is not simply how a site looks and feels, it’s about how it works behind the scenes to deliver your marketing goals. From planning a clearly structured sitemap that makes your pages easy to find or devising a user friendly layout.Web Design

Great web design is the expert combination of ideas and planning with the technical and artistic skill of creating layouts and user interfaces. These will include carefully chosen fonts, styles, colours and motifs, graphics, visual content and design features that reflect your brand and company ethos.Web DesignWeb Design

We have successfully established a tried and tested web design process that ensures every site we create provides the best digital presence for our clients.Web Design

Why do you need web design services?

What does the term web design really mean? Essentially, it’s an umbrella term that covers a lot more than simply building a website. Every aspect of every site we create is carefully researched and developed and based on meticulous planning. This crucial research phase gives us a deep understanding of not only your business and brand and the purpose for the site but also the needs and wants of your customers.

Knowing how your audience behaves online, what they buy and when they shop helps us to devise designs and content that will capture their attention and convert their custom. This means that the sites we create provide digital spaces that are enjoyable to use, convenient to update and easy to find and navigate.

Process of working

Understanding your Project

Knowing exactly what each project will require is something we pride ourselves on. We offer our clients clarity from the start and build our sites to a set timescale in a cost effective and efficient way.

Research & Planning

In the research phase of any web design project we gather all the information we need regarding your business and the market in which it operates.

Content Management Solutions

We understand that the flexibility and control to edit your own site is a crucial part of a new website build.

Creative Design & User Interface

The sites we build are creative, bespoke and engaging. They are designed to attract digital traffic and inform and entertain your target audience.

Development & Innovation

We work at the forefront of emerging technologies and online trends, and are able to integrate new ideas to fit your business goals. Relevant content, interactive elements and social networking tools are key to ensuring your website’s success.

Hosting & Maintenance

Websites simply don’t work without a secure hosting and maintenance system in place. Your website will need to be hosted and maintained to ensure its online visibility and security.


Visualization is the first essential part of our design and build process. By fully understanding your audience and all the factors that affect your project we can start to build a concept based on your unique objectives and specifications. This initial preparation and development stage is essential and helps us ensure that very aspect of your site is consistent with your brand and your goals. Using an underpinning column and grid system, we will plan headers and footers, logo placement and site navigation. We will also start to define subtleties like page and text color contrasts and content spacing that contribute to a seamless and responsive site.

Optimized performance is a key player in your site’s functionality. Every feature, image and process on your site has a size attributed to it. If these assets are not optimized you’ll be left with a slow site that underperforms on every level. Part of our design and development process is to review and determine what needs to be present on each of your pages. We prepare every element for your site to maximize performance, aesthetics and impact giving your customer a faster and more intuitive experience overall. With only essential elements displayed for online use your response and load times will be significantly increased providing a faster and more enjoyable user experience.

Perfectly planned accessibility broadens your customer base. Well prepared and constructed websites work for everyone regardless of age or ability. If your site doesn’t work efficiently or accommodate the varying needs and requirements of different consumers then you are limiting your potential audience. At Nakshatra Namaha Creations every site we design and build has accessibility at the heart of its user experience. From choosing the perfect combination of colors and typography for clear legibility to including audio and text transcripts of key content. Whatever your site requirements are we’ll make sure it can be experienced by everyone, enhancing your marketing goals and your reputation among customers.

Delivering flawless functionality across all hardware and software. The functionality of your website is about ensuring it’s effortless efficiency regardless of the browser, operating system or platform it is accessed from. Every customer will use different methods to find and navigate your site. We make sure that it works correctly on every possible option whilst retaining it’s visual integrity. We do this by using an in-depth design and testing regime that ensures all functionality concerns and requirements are met. We go through many rounds of UX testing and development to get it just right; making it mobile, smartphone, desktop and tablet friendly and working seamlessly across all platforms and browsers.

User Interface Design

User Interface Design is an essential part of any digital build process.

Rather than looking at how the site looks and feels, the best UID focuses on the underlying technology that really makes your website work well; maximising the user experience.

Well constructed UI design will help you achieve your digital goals by successfully fulfilling your customer’s wants and needs – not just once, but time and again.

At Nakshatra Namaha Creations we can create a site for you that is intuitive, boosts conversions and amplifies your consumer engagement. We do this by creating a clear and engaging pathway through your site that helps users find information, browse, buy or book online quickly and efficiently. In the end this all adds up to happy customers who are more likely to return and also to recommend you.

Performance is everything

When it comes to web design, site performance is based – and judged – on how quickly everything loads, moves and displays.
The more streamlined your site overall, the better it performs.

At Nakshatra Namaha Creations, optimum performance is something we incorporate into every website we design and continue to evaluate and improve over time.

Every project is different; as is every client, budget and set of goals. There are occasions when we can update your online presence and dramatically improve performance without the need for a full rebuild.

We will be led by your needs and available time and resources. Each project will start with in-depth discussions and analysis that look at a range of suitable options and solutions.

 Our team can provide any service from full rebrands and websites built from scratch to refreshing existing sites and everything in between.


Nakshatra Namaha Creations is a design studio that specializes in creating production videos and websites for new companies. As a hands-on creative partner, we’re big on collaborating and prototyping—two sure signs of our bangalore roots. 



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